The Oravital® System treats gum disease and halitosis safely and effectively – with no need for a surgical approach. If you suffer from periodontal disease or bad breath, this system may just be the miracle you need!

Here’s How it Works:

First, you’ll visit an Oravital® Certified clinic for an oral exam and evaluation. You’ll be asked about your medical history to determine whether you’re more susceptible to gum disease/ breath odor. The dentist or hygienist will take samples of bacteria from your tongue, teeth and throat using a gentle swab, and will send these samples over to a lab. The lab will conduct a microbial analysis which will be able to identify any destructive bacteria that could be causing these issues. If the report detects any of these nasty microorganisms, you’ll be recommended a specially formulated Oravital® antiseptic or antibiotic rinse. You’ll use this rinse for about two weeks until the bacteria in your mouth returns to a healthy and balanced state.

Maintenance and Prevention

After this initial treatment phase, you’ll return to the dentist for a check-up to assess the health of your mouth. Patients will get the most out of their Oravital® treatment if they practice a thorough oral care routine daily, with the option of including the Oravital® maintenance rinse for a super effective clean. Patients should also always remember to go for routine check-up/cleaning appointments as recommended by their dentist, and preferably go for Oravital® microbial testing at least once a year to ensure that their mouth bacteria is still in balance.

By taking continuing to take these preventive measures, gum disease and breath odor should no longer be a problem. Because there’s always a chance these oral conditions could recur, proper maintenance is crucial.

Dentistry on the Mountain in Hamilton, Ontario is an Oravital® Certified Clinic.

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